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Clan Of Pain

Hey there is it FreeState! I made a brand new Clan for TF2 (Team Fortress 2) Mvm (Man Vs Machine)🔫 The clan name is COP or Clan of Pain🔫 Join the Group chat with me and we will register you into the clan🔫 We are serious and have zero child's play🔫 Rules: No cursing👍 No disrespecting other members👍 No being in active👍 Good sportsman ship👍 Don't ask to rank up👍 Don't ask to get stars👍 Spots for Mvm Team: There is no limit🔫 Here at COP We want everyone involved👍 In this clan we are a community👍 We are nice to one another but are good at what we do🔫 Any questions come talk to me or a higher rank👍 Thanks🔫

Please keep +1 before the number when you dial.
  • Towson,United States
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